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Nikol Konstante is born in Athens, Greece, raised in Vienna, Austria and lives in Oslo, Norway.

Grew up in an artistic family (her mother is a painter, Icon painter and decorator among other, and her father theatrical director among other). She took her first art lessons in childhood as she followed her mother at the ''Academy of Visual Arts'' in Vienna. Then followed many art lessons with her mother for years. Diploma in Interior Architecture, Decoration and Object Design in the department for Graphic Arts and Crafts at the College of Athens, Greece (2007, grade: " excellent "). In college, she was taught Byzantine Icon painting and Byzantine Mosaic from Prof. El. Mystakas. Private Study: Painting with Prof. G. Kalogannis and H. Gavrilo. And Icon painting, Icon restoration, Byzantine mosaic of Icon painter A. Nika in Athens, Greece.

She began to work as an Icon painter in 1997. In 1998 she took responsibility for the organizing of academic and curriculum content for each year of study in School of Byzantine Icon painting and Byzantine Mosaic'' at Prophet Elijah Church in Athens. She wrote and prepared relevant material that contributed to a better teaching and raised the academic level of the Icom Painting Studies. There, she taught in the following subjects for 10 years (1998-2008): Byzantine and post-byzantine Icon painting, painting (drawing and painting with colors), Theology of the Icons, Art composition - Modern Art, Art Psychology and Art History. In 2005 she took the initiative for the establishment of the "Group Icon" with graduates to spread the Icon painting as a living and liturgical (ritual) art. Together with members of the group she organized a seminar in Icon painting with 8 different lectures / presentations and an Icon Painting Exhibition among other activities.

For six years she taught Art (drawing, painting, techniques, Art composition, collage, crafts, cloth painting, Art psychology, etc.) and Mosaic (with different materials) on the 10th primary school in P. Faliro, Athens. She has been teaching Icon painting to people who were under withdrawal program in cooperation with the State’s Organization Against Drugs (OKANA) in Athens, October 2007. She also works with Icons’ and oil painting restoration. Works since 1998 as a freelance decorator and designer (interior, graphic, web design). She writes articles and gives Icon painting and art lectures in Norway and Greece.

Has organized 17 exhibitions of her students’ Icons and 6 exhibitions of students’ paintings.

She works with the old traditional technique of Byzantine Icon painting (egg pigments on a prepared wooden panel). On her paintings she works usually with: chalk, acrylic color and temperas.

Many of her Icons are in churches in Greece and in private collections. Has participated in many exhibitions in Greece (Athens) and Norway (Oslo, Kristiansand, Sandvika, Brumunddal in Norway) and held personal exhibitions with her own works in Oslo, Jessheim & Ås, Norway and Athens, Greece. One of her personal painting exhibitions (January 2011 at Jessheim Gallery) was under the auspices of the Greek Embassy in Norway. (Read about the exhibition at: www.parthenonikk.webs.com

Since spring 2010 she teaches Icon painting at the Norwegian Orthodox St. Nicolas church in Oslo (the course is organized by the Orthodox Church Academy). Since spring 2013 she teaches Icon painting at the Greek Orthodox Annuntiation church in Oslo (the course is organized by the Orthodox Greek Society of Oslo). In Oktober 2013 she held a week Icon Painting Seminar at Nyaslottet i Bjärka-Säby, Sweden. In February 2015 and during the Greek Week in the Institut du Sacré-Coeur in Mons (Belgium), the European Capital of Culture in 2015 she taught Icon painting to the oldest students of the Institut that have chosen the Classical Studies program. She is holding Icon Painting Seminars in Kristiansand, Southern Norway and Athens, Greece several times every year.

 * Nikol Konstante is also a graduate and works as a classical singer (mezzo soprano) and singing pedagog.
From 2007 she has given more than 60 solo concerts in Greece, has sung in Norway, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Greece. She studied: Pedagogy; Individual and group professional counseling at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA), Norway; Entrepreneurship and innovation at School at the University of Agder, Norway. Master's studies: Theater Studies at the Open University of Cyprus and currently writing her Master's Dissertation in ICT Supported Learning at the Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA), Norway. She has participated at conferences with academic articles on technology and creativity in education and the benefits of ICT in education to improve the quality of life in developing countries in Europe, America and Japan.

Since 2011, she’s working as an Art and Design teacher in the 3rd year of the Senior High School of Aas (Ås videregående skole) in Aas, Norway.

She speaks English, German, Norwegian, French, Greek, has studied Italian and Spanish for a year, and is currently learning Japanese.

Read more: www.nikolkonstante.webs.com